Good For All

We deliver economic stimulus.

Do Good

When you acquire tax credits, you not only mitigate premium and income tax liabilities, you stimulate a specific business/industry and the economy. This solutions-oriented tool underwrites economic development, improving the national economy, the state, the local community and people’s lives.

Low Income Housing

When you purchase low income housing credits, you help provide safe and affordable housing for people who may otherwise have no other home. Suitable housing generates pride, which in turn leads to strong work habits and spurs consumerism and economic growth. Furthermore, the construction and ongoing maintenance of low incoming housing units creates jobs within struggling communities.

Film & Entertainment

The film and entertainment business generates an influx of jobs into a specific filming location. The local economy is boosted by the production crew, workers and actors’/actresses’ use of local hotels, restaurants and shopping venues. Abandoned buildings are often transformed to useful destinations that support filming and production teams. Once released, movies continue their economic impact as national viewers gain exposure to the featured region in the film.

Renewable Energy

When you purchase renewable energy tax credits, you support the advancement of renewable sources of energy such as solar, wind and biomass. This encourages sustainability and energy efficiency programs designed to reduce our impact on the environment. Not only does this credit allow corporations to fulfill sustainability initiatives, it allows developers to reinvest into additional renewal energy programs. These credits help the environment and the bottom line at the same time.

Historic and Mill Redevelopment

Through tax credits, you help redevelop blighted buildings that can lead to the revitalization of an entire community. When historic buildings or industrial mills are redeveloped, they take on a new life and generate economic activity from professional offices to manufacturing.