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Guide to State Tax Credit Statutes and Rulings & Regulations – by State


Alabama Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit
460-X-23-.01 Alabama Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit


Georgia Affordable Housing Tax Credit Programs
Housing Development Programs

Georgia Film/Entertainment Tax Credits
Georgia Statute – O.C.G.A. § 48-7-40.26

Georgia Department of Revenue’s Georgia Film Credit Regulations

North Carolina

North Carolina State Rulings & Regulations –
Business & Energy Tax Credits
Credit for Investing in Business Property
Credit for Investing in Renewable Energy Property
Credit for Constructing Renewable Fuel Facilities

South Carolina

South Carolina Mill Development Tax Credits
South Carolina Statute

South Carolina Abandoned Building Tax Credit
Bill A57, R91, H3093
Historic Building Preservation


Virginia Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credits
Virginia Statute

Virginia State Rulings & Regulations –
Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit

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