Film/Entertainment Tax Credits

Film/Entertainment Tax Credits


Georgia offers film and TV credits ranging from 20-30% of qualified production expenditures, if they exceed $500,000 in a single year. The $500,000 threshold for commercials and videos may be met by combining the costs of more than one project incurred during the year by the production company. Activities qualifying for the credit include movies, television movies or series, commercials, music videos and some interactive projects.

Monarch Private Capital is the ideal partner for film and TV credit transactions. We are deeply connected in the film/entertainment business, and can guide any entity through purchasing credits or a production house through selling credits.

Characteristics of Georgia Film/Entertainment Credits:

  • Can be purchased by any entity to apply against corporate or individual income taxes.
  • Credits belonging to a pass-through entity having no income tax liability may be passed to its members, shareholders or partners based on the year ending profit/loss percentage.

Credit Benefits:

  • Can be carried forward up to five years if credits exceed liabilities
  • Can be transferred/sold once only by the entity generating the credit

Important Tax Details about Georgia Film Credits

Other States with Transferrable Film/Entertainment Credits

Many states offer transferrable film credits for expenditures incurred in that state during the shooting and production of movies and other media. Monarch Private Capital will identify credits for buyers in any state that has a transferrable film credit. The following states sponsor film credits:



New Jersey
Puerto Rico
Rhode Island
West Virginia