What We Do

We deliver customized tax credit solutions.

What We Do

Monarch Private Capital invests in projects which qualify for federal and state tax credits and passes the benefits of those credits on to taxpayers through investment programs.

MPC invests in solar, historic, mill, abandoned building, and low income housing projects, working with insurance companies, corporations and high net worth individuals with state tax liabilities to deliver profitable investment opportunities that are good for all. Since its inception in 2005, MPC has invested in over 200 projects and delivered more than $150mm of funding to state government supported projects in more than 7 states.

Our History

Monarch Private Capital started as a syndication arm for credits created by low income housing projects in Georgia and grew to be one of the largest suppliers of tax credits in the Southeast. We pioneered the creation of the one-year credit structure in Georgia making tax credits easily accessible to more buyers. Steadily, we have grown into a national supplier of federal and state credits that works with a variety of individuals, businesses and corporations to develop customized tax credit solutions.

Our Commitment

The Monarch Private Capital team is committed to client success. Valued as a reliable and dedicated resource, Monarch Private Capital delivers as promised, and is happy to assist taxpayers with any questions. A client-centric focus that delivers customer satisfaction and results in repeat buyers is the key to our success.

With over 100 years of combined experience, the Monarch Private Capital team provides a powerful combination of tax expertise and deal experience to maximize tax credit benefits.


Tax Credits for Buyers

Adept at advising clients on the advantages and ease of utilizing both federal and state tax credits, we are a valuable resource for corporate tax departments, tax professionals, financial planners, money managers, insurance professionals, family offices, tax and estate planning attorneys and individuals. The key to our success is our customer-centric focus generating high customer satisfaction and repeat business.

About Tax Credits for Buyers

Tax Credits for Sellers

Monarch Private Capital is expert at structuring effective tax credit programs to foster public-private partnerships and stimulate business activity. We are positioned to monetize tax credits in all sectors, including film/entertainment, renewable energy, low income housing, mill development, historic and federal programs.

About Tax Credits for Sellers

Monarch Private Capital's customer-centric focus generates high customer satisfaction.