For Advisors

We deliver money-savings solutions.


Monarch Private Capital is a respected resource that adds value for your clients. With more than 300 million credits placed in the market and over 100 years of combined experience in maximizing federal and state credit benefits, we help you save your clients’ money.


We are a valuable resource for accountants, tax professionals, financial planners, money managers, insurance professionals, family offices, tax and estate attorneys, Fortune 500 companies and high net worth individuals. Monarch Private Capital makes you look good by reducing the amount of taxes paid by your client while spurring a specific business or industry.


We evaluate each situation and recommend a tax credit solution, customized specifically for your client’s objectives. We manage the entire acquisition process to ensure a streamlined transaction and consider all factors to confirm overall financial goals are achieved.


Tax credits are a great value-add to pitch during the business development process and are an exceptional client retention tool as well. Monarch Private Capital is a strong and stable clearinghouse in the Southeast for one-year credits, delivering customized, low-risk, tax-saving solutions to your clients.