Monetize Your State Credits

Monarch Private Capital works with Affordable Housing, Film/Entertainment, Historic Rehabilitation and other types of state tax credits.

Tax credits are governmental incentives to spur economic activity, awarding them to business owners and developers in certain industries.  State governments often issue these credits to help stimulate the statewide economy, draw tourism and new residents and to improve the environment and charm of the state at large.  State tax credits may be awarded to developers of projects involving affordable housing development, film and entertainment production, renewable energy programs and historic rehabilitation.

The team at Monarch Private Capital extends a helping hand to these businesses in times that monetization of tax credits is desired — or crucial to your project.  Certain types of state tax credits are transferable and may be allocated to individuals or businesses to produce capital which you can, in turn, reinvest into your project or business.  Our tax experts will help you identify your transferable tax credits and structure transactions to put that money back into your pocket.  The regulations surrounding these tax credits vary state-to-state, and our team wants to help you navigate your state’s tax credit programs.  After all, completion of projects not only improves the surrounding community but may also lead to further tax mitigation opportunities in the future.

Monarch Private Capital maintains an extensive network of professional relationships with businesses, corporations and individuals that operate on the state level.  Our insight into the state tax credit buyer market ensures that a timely transaction will take place and allow you to get back to what matters most: your project.  We work with tax equity investors all over the country.  Connect with our team and let us help you get the tax credit monetization you need to complete your project.

Affordable Housing Tax Credits

When you purchase affordable housing credits, you help provide safe and affordable housing for people who may otherwise have an inferior living situation.  Suitable housing generates pride, which in turn leads to strong work habits and spurs consumerism and economic growth.  Furthermore, the construction and ongoing maintenance of affordable housing units creates jobs within struggling communities.

Film / Entertainment Tax Credits

The film and entertainment business generates an influx of jobs in a specific filming location.  The local economy is boosted by the production crews’, workers’ and actors’ use of local hotels, restaurants and shopping venues.  Abandoned buildings are often transformed to useful destinations that support filming and production teams.  Once released, movies continue their economic impact as the featured region gains exposure on a national level.

Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credits

Tax credits help spur the redevelopment of blighted buildings, which in turn, lead to the revitalization of an entire community.  When historic buildings are redeveloped, they take on a new life and generate economic activity from professional offices to manufacturing.



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