Curtiss-Wright Hangar

Columbia, South Carolina

Built in 1929, the Curtiss-Wright Hangar, also known as Owens Field Municipal Airport Hangar, is a historic hangar located at Jim Hamilton – L.B. Owens Airport in Columbia, South Carolina. The Curtiss-Wright corporation was created as a merger between aviation giant Glenn Curtiss and the famous Wright brothers. The hangar consists of 13,000 square feet with a central metal-clad barrelroofed storage area, flanked on either side by flat-roofed sections. This area is being converted into a beer brewery and event space. Now known as Hunter-Gatherer Brewery, the premises is a light manufacturing and distribution operation featuring a 527-gallon brew house, a series of 10-foot-tall fermenting tanks and bottling/conveyor/packing operations.  Additionally, there will be a tasting room which will serve as a central feature for rental event space. The facility will also be open to the public for tours.