Powell Furniture

Columbia, South Carolina

The renovation of these multiple properties (totalling approximately 30,000 square feet) was performed in two phases. 1519 Sumter Street (Phase 1) has long been recognized by South Carolinians as Powell Furniture. Constructed of yellow brick in 1920, which has since been painted grey, the building has decorative stone work and terra cotta trim, detailed columns, a cornice over the second story windows, and a stepped parapet. The second floor of this renovation is retail/office space.

1222 – 1224 Taylor Street, formerly known as housing Rose – Talbert Paints, are conjoined two-story brick buildings constructed in 1914. The buildings original designs featured full-length glass storefront windows over a masonry bulkhead on the first level with and recessed double doors at the center. These buildings, along with the first floor of the Sumter Street building, was were converted into a 41-unit boutique hotel.

Sumter Street

Taylor Street