Monarch Private Capital’s 2022 Impact Report

What is “Touchpoints?”

Titled “Touchpoints,” this Impact Report outlines the influence of Monarch’s initiatives across renewable energy, affordable housing, and historic rehabilitation projects. Delving into various facets of the company, the report sheds light on key areas such as partnerships, sustainability initiatives, investor initiatives, and robust fund frameworks. Throughout 2022, these carefully curated investments continued to enrich lives and uplift communities, a feat made possible by the collective efforts of current and future investors. These “Touchpoints” signify the myriad of interactions Monarch forges to create a sustainable, long-term positive impact that goes beyond mere financial gains, emphasizing the firm’s resolute dedication to investing in communities and championing a better, more sustainable future.

Looking Forward

“At Monarch, we’re deeply passionate about driving substantive change through our investment projects,” said Melanie Frontczak, Director, ESG & Tax Credit Investments. “Committed to enhancing communities and improving lives, we take immense pride in the positive influence of our investments and are proud to present their impact in the 2022 Impact Report.”

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