Our Sustainability Initiatives

Building a better world through ESG investing.

Monarch Private Capital has generated a ­­positive impact on the environment and surrounding communities. Monarch’s management of tax equity for affordable housing has resulted in the development of 35,000 homes and the creation of more than 70,000 jobs. Our investment in the rehabilitation of over 100 historic buildings has benefited more than 20 states and numerous communities by infusing approximately 30,000 jobs and $1.7B of GDP into the U.S. economy. For the last eight years, Monarch has been actively involved in the development, ownership, management, and financing of 190 solar projects across the country. These projects have generated more than 800MWdc of new renewable energy, reduced CO2 emissions by approximately 27 million metric tons, and helped investors to reach carbon neutrality while satisfying their sustainability initiatives.

Our Sustainability Objectives

Monarch assesses the environmental impact, social influence, and governance characteristics of each project and investment fund. Monarch currently integrates Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) benchmarks into all of our tax-advantaged offerings. Our goal is to formalize our own sustainability objectives and incorporate ESG into the core strategies at Monarch – including our day to day operations and communications. Monarch’s future sustainability objectives include:

1. Carbon Neutrality

Monarch will implement several initiatives (detailed below) that will help us reach carbon neutrality by the end of 2021.

  • Provide tax equity, develop, own and/or manage solar projects resulting in the removal of CO2 emissions.
  • Reduce Monarch’s kilowatt consumption in its offices by 5%, reduce paper consumption by 5%, and reduce plastic bottle usage by 10%.
  • A minimum of 50% of Monarch’s employees will work in LEED, EarthCraft, or Energy Star certified buildings by year end 2020.
  • All new office space(s) will be located in LEED, EarthCraft, or Energy Star certified buildings.
  • Monarch will seek to reduce their office space by 40% by year end 2022.
  • Focus on increased use of technology for seamless digital collaboration such as video conferencing to limit unnecessary travel.
  • Implement work from home policies.

2. Home Development and Job Creation

Monarch will contribute to the creation of jobs and affordable homes by engaging in the following activities:

  • Provide tax equity, develop, own and/or manage solar projects resulting in the creation of jobs.
  • Provide tax equity, develop, own and/or manage Affordable Housing developments resulting in the creation of affordable homes and jobs. As a part of its commitment to sustainability, Monarch created its Social Bond Framework to guide current and future issuance of social bonds, such as its inaugural social bond issuance.
  • Provide tax equity and/or manage the rehabilitation of historically significant buildings resulting in the creation of jobs.

3. ESG Committee

Monarch has appointed an ESG committee to oversee the implementation of ESG initiatives into day to day practices including the following:

  • Incorporation of ESG criteria into 100% of investment opportunities.
  • Provide verification of ESG impact of our Federal investment opportunities.
  • Regular communication, both internally and externally, regarding the benefits of ESG.
  • Increasing affiliation and active participation in environmental or ESG related organizations/associations by 25%.
  • Encouragement and engagement of our investors, stakeholders, and vendors to pursue ESG and sustainability initiatives.

4. Annual ESG Report

Monarch will evaluate our ESG goals and initiatives by producing an annual report.

5. Employee/Employer Relationship

Monarch’s strives to provide a healthy and safe workplace where mutual respect is key and individuals feel valued. Our professional environment will be free from any discrimination based on race, color, sex, religion, political opinion, and national/social origin. Monarch is committed to the personal and professional growth of our employees – we will encourage our employees to advance their industry knowledge and skills through conferences, industry organizations, and training. Additional steps include, but are not limited to:

  • Performance communication – conducting regular meetings (or quarterly/semiannual) regarding corporate performance.
  • Healthcare Coverage – providing healthcare options that exceed the national average of healthcare costs provided by other employers.
  • Retirement Benefits – continuing to offer a competitive 401(k) retirement benefit plan.
  • Annual Diversity Training – training our employees and managers in better skills for promoting an open-minded, diverse workplace.
  • Improved Recruiting – implementing a new recruitment process to enable more access to diverse candidates.

6. Giving Back

Sponsor and/or support charitable organizations, increase volunteerism or community engagement by 25% while encouraging employee participation.

Affiliated Organizations & Community Activities

View the organizations and affiliations Monarch partners with to impact the community.

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