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Historic Rehabilitation
Revitalize communities and preserve history.

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How Monarch’s ESG Investing is Different

Unlike traditional ESG funds, our ESG funds are direct investments in projects that impact communities by creating clean power, jobs, and homes while providing predictable returns through the generation of federal and state tax credits.

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Monarch and ESG News

Georgia State Tax Planning

Georgia State Tax Planning

As we approach the final tax return filing deadline for individual and corporate taxpayers, there is increased activity in the market for Georgia film tax credits as well as Georgia […]

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Affordable Housing Film Perspective and Insights

Monarch Private Capital Closes New Historic Preservation Fund

Monarch Private Capital Closes New Historic Preservation Fund

Promotes Sustainability through Reuse of Historically Significant Buildings Monarch Private Capital (MPC), a leading tax credit equity and ESG investment firm, is pleased to announce the closing of Monarch Federal Historic […]

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Company Announcements Historic Rehabilitation

Forbes Article: Making Sense of ESG: A Primer on Social Corporate Responsibility

Forbes Article: Making Sense of ESG: A Primer on Social Corporate Responsibility

by George Strobel References to concepts like ESG, impact investing, social responsibility, carbon footprint initiatives, sustainable investing, climate change, green or sustainable funds and other related concepts are at every […]

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ESG Perspective and Insights Research

Our ESG Funds Invest In


Our ESG funds invest in affordable housing developments that create jobs, build quality homes for seniors and families, and generate state tax credits.


Our ESG funds invest in renewable energy projects that reduce CO2 emissions, create jobs, satisfy your sustainability goals, and generate federal tax credits.


Our ESG funds revitalize communities by investing in the restoration of historically significant buildings that create jobs, utilize sustainable construction materials, and generate federal and state tax credits.

ESG Impact Calculator

Want to see the impact of your socially responsible investment? Select an ESG investment type and enter your dollar amount and we’ll quantify it for you.

Since 2005, Monarch Private Capital has managed ESG-related funds with investments in over 600 projects generating $3 billion of tax credits, $6 billion in project capital, and $30 billion in economic impact in more than 30 states.


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