Project Profile

Glover Creek Solar


Jobs Created


Homes' annual electricity usage eliminated


Passenger cars removed from the road annually


Gallons of gasoline reduced in consumption


Cell phones charged

Glover Creek, a transformative solar project near Bowling Green, Kentucky, fills the void left by dwindling fossil-fuel-related jobs. Recognized as the second solar initiative approved by the state’s Electric Generation and Transmission Siting Board and the first solar development in Metcalfe County, Glover Creek spans approximately 600 acres. With a robust capacity of 75.65 MWdc, the project anticipates a notable lifetime abatement of 2.4 MT CO2e over 40 years. Beyond its environmental impact, Glover Creek actively fosters a sustainable future for the community by curbing air pollution, fostering economic development through job creation, and ensuring stability in energy costs.

Project Type:
Renewable Energy
Tax Credit Type:

7658 Randolph Summer Shade Rd
Summer Shade, Kentucky 42166

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