Tax Credit Investment Opportunities

For Developers

Monarch Private Capital creates and manages funds that provide capital for renewable energy, affordable housing, and historic rehabilitation projects which qualify for federal and state tax credits. We are experts at structuring effective tax credit programs to foster public-private partnerships and stimulate business activity. Certain tax credits are transferable and can be freely sold to individuals or businesses to produce capital, which can be reinvested into your project or business.

Monarch is a cooperative partner that has strict underwriting requirements but is known for being true to its word and not delaying closings.

Learn how to expand your access to capital and structure transactions with tax credit equity.

Our credit placement experts will help identify transferable tax credits and structure transactions to put that money back into your pocket. We help to mitigate tax credit marketing and placement risk and provide confidence with respect to both the availability and deployment of capital. Monarch has helped developers obtain law changes to make their credits more marketable, allowing the developer to maximize the capital they receive.

  • We support the financing needs of developers with projects that generate tax credits through solar installations, affordable housing developments, historic rehabilitations, and federal programs.
  • We maintain an extensive network of professional relationships with businesses, corporations and individuals.
  • Our insight into the tax credit buyer market ensures that a timely transaction will take place and allow you to focus on what matters most: your project.
  • We pride ourselves on our streamlined monetization of tax credits and dependable delivery of project funding to our clients.
  • In appropriate circumstances, Monarch will provide developers bridge-loans for their projects.

We are actively evaluating investment opportunities for our funds designed for investments in affordable housing, historic rehabilitation and renewable energy projects. If you are a socially-responsible developer interested in becoming long-term partners, please contact us.

Contact us for more information about impact investing, federal and state tax credits.