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State Tax Credits

About State Tax Credits

States offer tax credits for investments in affordable housing development, historic rehabilitation, renewable energy projects, and film production. By investing in these tax credit programs, you help to create higher-wage jobs, build quality homes, stimulate economic growth, and revitalize local communities.

Depending on the state, these credits award dollar-for-dollar reductions against individual, trust and/or corporate income taxes, as well as insurance premium taxes and bank taxes. Any individual, corporation or business entity is eligible to invest in state tax credit incentives.

Some states allow transferable tax credits, meaning they can be sold by the entity earning them and purchased by another. Whereas in other states, the investor may be required to invest in a partnership or LLC to acquire the particular tax credits.

State tax credit provisions often mirror their corresponding federal tax credit programs. The team at Monarch Private Capital is well-versed in our state tax credit offerings. We can help you find the most appropriate tax credit offering in your state. Monarch has syndicated or brokered tax credits in over 25 states.

Aside from providing a high ROI, tax credits can help you:

  • Reduce your state income tax liability
  • Enhance your GAAP earnings
  • Achieve your sustainability initiatives

Monarch Private Capital is an industry leader in state tax credit investing. With sufficient notice, interest and commitment, our acquisitions team can secure credits in these states.

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