Our Story

Monarch Private Capital is a pioneer of ESG investment fund management.

Monarch Private Capital has been managing investments in ESG funds long before the term was coined. Since inception, our investments have profoundly impacted their communities, transforming neighborhoods, creating jobs and advancing economies across the United States.

Robin Delmer, Monarch’s Co-founder and Managing Director of Acquisitions

Monarch Private Capital was founded in 2005 as a partnership between an Atlanta, GA based low income housing developer, Robin Delmer, and a high net worth family office tax advisor, George Strobel. Monarch serves as the manager of ESG focused funds, providing investors with ESG related investment opportunities in renewable energy, affordable housing and historic rehabilitation funds. Monarch is known for developing customized structuring solutions enabling its fund investors to participate in defining investment parameters to meet their unique ESG, financial, tax, and treasury objectives. Monarch has never believed that one size fits all when it comes to ESG investing. Our focus is to provide innovative capital solutions to our core ESG sectors: renewable energy, low income housing, and historic rehabilitation, as well as the entertainment industry.

Initially, Monarch invested exclusively in Georgia affordable housing projects receiving allocations of Georgia Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC). In turn, these funds were made available to taxpayers interested in supporting affordable housing as well as receiving allocations of the underlying Georgia LIHTCs through its network of CPAs, lawyers, Family Office Managers, and other tax advisors in the southeast.

Over time, Monarch expanded its ESG offerings by creating funds that provide capital for the development of affordable housing, historic structure rehabilitation, and renewable energy, which qualify for federal and/or state tax credits. Likewise, Monarch’s funds have expanded from being purely Georgia sourced to covering most of the United States better meeting the needs of its diverse investors. Monarch’s funds provide their investors with significant financial returns through the receipt of tax credits while contributing to addressing the nation’s affordable housing and urban renewal crisis, as well as reducing global CO2 emissions.  Now, Monarch is known in the marketplace as a high-quality provider of ESG-related funds, which provide returns to its investors through the receipt of federal tax credits or state tax credits of all varieties. While its original investors were accredited individuals, the preponderance of Monarch’s capital investments are now sourced from corporations seeking a return on its ESG investments through tax credits.

Additionally, Monarch collaborates with television and movie production studios to broker Georgia film tax credits as well as film tax credits offered by a number of other states. Monarch is the largest broker of Georgia film tax credits and one of the largest, if not the largest, broker of film tax credits across the United States.

Monarch Private Capital is headquartered in Atlanta and has regional offices in Charlotte, Sarasota, St. Louis and Springfield, Missouri. Additionally, Monarch has tax credit directors located in Austin, Baltimore, Los Angeles, Chicago, Birmingham and Nashville.

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