Tax Credit Equity Opportunities

For Individuals

The desire to make a difference with the environment, one’s communities, and the world has never been greater. Many high-net-worth individuals seek to have a positive impact on their communities through various platforms and are also involved in philanthropy. They often champion certain causes, such as revitalizing historic landmarks and neighborhoods, advancing opportunities for low-income communities or families and promoting awareness of climate change. Governments have recognized the need for more affordable housing, the generation of renewable energy and the restoration of historic buildings, creating an incentive for investment in these areas through federal and state tax credits, which play a significant role in the creation of affordable homes, jobs, renewable energy and the revitalization of communities.

Investing in Monarch Private Capital’s tax equity funds is another vehicle for individuals and families to extend their mission-oriented work. This can be done through various approaches, from targeting certain sectors like renewable energy and affordable housing. Monarch’s tax equity funds allow individuals and families to use dollars earmarked for tax payments to be redirected to funds that generate tax credits for those investors while providing badly needed capital for projects narrowing the affordable housing gap, creating a more sustainable future, or preserving history and contributing to urban renewal. Families no longer want to make empty tax payments to governments which squander their budgets and fail to share their vision for a better world for their children. 

Learn how to redeploy dollars reserved for federal and state income taxes to address your families’ sustainability concerns while providing attractive returns.

Individual Investment Opportunities

Monarch develops customized structuring solutions enabling individual investors to participate in defining fund parameters to meet their unique financial, tax, and treasury objectives. With sufficient notice, interest and commitment, our acquisitions team can secure credits in these areas.  Federal tax rules surrounding federal tax credits are particularly complex and require the involvement of an individual’s tax advisor’s involvement.

Federal or StateTax Credit Programs% Individual Income
Tax Liability Offset
Transfer ProcessSatisfies ESG
FederalHistoric Rehabilitation75%AllocableYes
FederalLow Income Housing100%AllocableYes
FederalEnergy Investment100%AllocableYes
AlabamaHistoric Rehabilitation100%AllocableYes
ArkansasHistoric Rehabilitation100%Allocable & TransferableYes
ArkansasLow Income Housing100%AllocableYes
CaliforniaLow Income Housing100%Allocable & TransferableYes
ColoradoHistoric Rehabilitation100%Allocable & TransferableYes
ColoradoLow Income Housing100%AllocableYes
ConnecticutHistoric Rehabilitation100%Allocable & TransferableYes
DelawareHistoric Rehabilitation100%TransferableYes
GeorgiaHistoric Rehabilitation100%Allocable & TransferableYes
GeorgiaLow Income Housing100%AllocableYes
HawaiiLow Income Housing100%AllocableYes
IllinoisHistoric Rehabilitation100%Allocable & TransferableYes
IllinoisLow Income Housing100%TransferableYes
IowaHistoric Rehabilitation100%Allocable & TransferableYes
KansasHistoric Rehabilitation100%Allocable & TransferableYes
LouisianaHistoric Rehabilitation100%Allocable & TransferableYes
MarylandHistoric Rehabilitation100%AllocableYes
MassachusettsEntertainment100%Allocable & Transferable
MassachusettsHistoric Rehabilitation100%TransferableYes
MassachusettsLow Income Housing100%Allocable & TransferableYes
MinnesotaHistoric Rehabilitation100%AllocableYes
MississippiHistoric Rehabilitation100%AllocableYes
MissouriHistoric Rehabilitation100%Allocable & TransferableYes
MissouriLow Income Housing100%Allocable & TransferableYes
MontanaHistoric Rehabilitation100%Allocable & TransferableYes
NebraskaHistoric Rehabilitation100%Allocable & TransferableYes
NebraskaLow Income Housing100%AllocableYes
New JerseyEntertainment100%Transferable
New YorkHistoric Rehabilitation100%AllocableYes
New YorkLow Income Housing100%AllocableYes
North CarolinaHistoric Rehabilitation100%AllocableYes
North CarolinaEnergy Investment50%AllocableYes
OklahomaHistoric Rehabilitation100%Allocable & TransferableYes
OklahomaLow Income Housing100%Allocable & TransferableYes
PennsylvaniaHistoric Rehabilitation100%Allocable & TransferableYes
Rhode IslandEntertainment100%Transferable
South CarolinaAbandoned100%AllocableYes
South CarolinaHistoric Rehabilitation100%AllocableYes
South CarolinaLow Income Housing100%AllocableYes
South CarolinaMill100%AllocableYes
VirginiaHistoric Rehabilitation100%AllocableYes
West VirginiaHistoric Rehabilitation100%AllocableYes
WisconsinHistoric Rehabilitation100%TransferableYes
WisconsinLow Income Housing100%AllocableYes

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