New York State Tax Credits
State Tax Credit Investments

New York

New York Low Income Housing Tax Credit Summary

  • Modeled after the federal low income housing credit program.
  • Provides a dollar-for-dollar reduction in state taxes to investors in qualified low-income housing.
  • 15-year compliance period to avoid recapture.
  • The tax credits may be used by the investor annually for the initial 10 years of the project.
  • The property must remain in service for 15 years, after which the corporation formed may seek refinancing and/or transfer the project to the nonprofit partner/developer.


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New York Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit for Commercial Properties Summary

  • Applicable against corporate, bank, insurance premium, and individual income tax liability.
  • May offset 100% of taxpayer’s liability
  • Credits can be carried forward indefinitely for projects placed in service before 2015
  • Unused credits are refundable for projects placed in service on or after 2015
  • Follows the rules for federal credit recapture.
  • Credits capped at $5 million
  • Must meet all requirements of Federal Rehabilitation Tax Credit program.


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