Pennsylvania State Tax Credits
State Tax Credit Investments


Pennsylvania Historic Tax Credit Summary

  • Applicable against the Pennsylvania corporate income tax, individual income tax, insurance premium tax, financial institution tax and franchise tax. 
  • May offset 100% of a taxpayer’s liability.
  • Excess credits carry forward 7 years. No carry back.  
  • No Recapture.
  • Credits are allocable and transferable


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Pennsylvania Film Production Tax Credit Summary:

  • Income, capital stock, franchise, bank shares, and insurance premiums tax offset.
  • Sunset date: None
  • Credit must be utilized during year credit is certificated and within the 3 years from when credit received initial application approval.
  • No carryforward allowed for transferee
  • No recapture for the transferee.
  • Certificated and transferable tax credit (one time)
  • The following tax credit usage limitations apply:
    • 50.00% for all tax types


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