Project Profile

Beulaville Solar Farm


Jobs Created


Homes' annual electricity usage eliminated


Passenger cars removed from the road annually


Gallons of gasoline reduced in consumption


Cell phones charged

Beulaville Solar Farm has been providing renewable energy to Duplin County and the surrounding areas of Beulaville, North Carolina, since 2017. With 2,690 kWdc of clean power, the solar farm continues to positively impact the environment and local economy. By reducing CO2 emissions, stabilizing energy costs, creating jobs and more, the solar installation fosters a healthier and more prosperous community for Duplin County. Thanks to the solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC), Beulaville Solar Farm helps further the global energy transition critical to supporting a more sustainable planet.

Project Type:
Renewable Energy
Tax Credit Type:

165 Little Bubbles Lane
Beulaville, North Carolina 28518

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