Project Profile

Horse Ridge Wind


Jobs Created


Homes' annual electricity usage eliminated


Passenger cars removed from the road annually


Gallons of gasoline reduced in consumption


Cell phones charged

Horse Ridge is a 450 MW wind project portfolio comprising nearly 200 repowered wind turbines located in the ERCOT zone of west Texas. Production Tax Credits (PTCs) are generated based on the ongoing energy production of the wind turbines, which have been providing clean power to areas of Abilene, Texas, since 2017. The minimum lifetime (35 years) abatement of these installations is 17.3 million MT CO2, equivalent to greenhouse gas emissions from 3.7 million gas-powered passenger vehicles driven for one year or CO2 emissions from 3.4 million homes’ electricity use for one year. Through PTCs, Horse Ridge supports a more sustainable future for west Texas communities, reducing air pollution and promoting economic development through job creation and stabilized energy costs.

Project Type:
Renewable Energy
Tax Credit Type:

Abilene, Texas

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