Invest in Our Federal Funds

Monarch Private Capital works with Historic Rehabilitation, Renewable Energy and Affordable Housing federal tax credits.

The United States government encourages investment in projects by allocating tax credits to promote specific types of developments in various fields.  Federal tax credits are generally suited for corporations that carry an annual income tax liability of $500,000 or more.  Federal solar ITC and federal historic credits typically require tax liabilities of several million dollars to offer any beneficial tax mitigation.  Investment in federal tax credits is generally not advantageous for individuals unless they have significant passive income.  Corporations investing in federal tax credits will typically see a substantial internal rate of return on their investment.

Monarch Private Capital works with historic rehabilitation, renewable energy and affordable housing federal tax credits.  In some cases, the provisions may mirror state regulations, in some cases, not.  These credits are generally considered to be low-risk, with a reduced chance of recapture with properly-structured transactions.  The team at Monarch Private Capital takes pride in ensuring that your investment structuring is to the highest standard of quality.  To date, Monarch Private Capital has never had a loss suffered through recapture.

In addition, investment in federal solar ITC, historic rehabilitation and/or LIHTCs may offer the most poignant opportunities for positive public relations.  When you invest in solar tax credits, you help reduce negative impacts on the environment.  When you invest in historic tax credits, you restore a lifelong part of the community to vitality.  When you invest in affordable housing credits, you prove to your community that you care about their well-being.  While you substantially reduce your tax liability, you contribute to the well-being of your community.

At Monarch Private Capital, we hold an inventory of federal tax credits from projects we have invested in, and we are eager to pass on these tax benefits to you, the taxpayer.  Our team of tax experts coordinate with the buyer to ensure that your federal tax credit investment yields premium cash savings.  As a trusted partner, we have extensive experience working with a variety of taxpayers, especially corporate entities, to craft customized tax credit investment strategies that fulfill current or future financial objectives.

Federal Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit

The Federal Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit is an incentive available for the rehabilitation of certified historic structures.  The program provides a tax credit equal to 20% of eligible rehabilitation expenditures.

Federal Renewable Energy Tax Credit

Originally created in 1990 through the Revenue Reconciliation Act, these are one-year credits that are accompanied by five years of depreciation, as well as a five-year compliance/recapture regime.  Currently, costs incurred in developing solar energy properties generate credits equal to 30% of qualified energy property expenditures or their fair market value when placed into service.  These credits are typically derived from renewable energy projects which also generate opportunities for favorable public relations.

Federal Affordable Housing Tax Credit

Also known as a Low Income Housing Tax Credit, this credit was created in 1986 as an incentive to develop affordable housing.  The Federal Affordable Housing Tax Credit provides investors a dollar-for-dollar reduction in their federal tax liability for a ten-year period and may be used to satisfy Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) requirements for financial institutions.  The equity raised by the sale of the credits is used to finance construction of the property.



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