Our Story

Monarch Private Capital (MPC) was founded in 2005 as a partnership between an Atlanta, GA based low income housing developer, Robin Delmer, and a high net worth family office tax advisor, George Strobel.  MPC has a long history of tax innovation developing customized tax credit strategies which align with clients’ current and future financial objectives.  MPC is an investor and syndicator of both state and federal tax credits nationwide.  Our focus is to provide innovative capital solutions to the renewable energy, low income housing, film and historic rehabilitation industries.

Initially, MPC invested in Georgia low income housing projects to receive allocations of Low Income Housing tax credits (LIHTC) which it funded through a combination of equity, bank debt and seller financing.  It marketed the LIHTCs directly to taxpayers through its network of CPAs, lawyers, Family Office Mangers, and other tax advisors in the southeast.

MPC expanded by investing selectively in developments or projects, whether low income housing, historic rehabilitation, or renewable energy, that generated tax credits in Georgia and other states.  In doing so, MPC developed a brand as a high quality provider of multi-state tax credits of all varieties. In 2006, MPC began servicing movie production studios and brokering Georgia film credits generated by major studios.  Since that time, MPC has invested in opportunities in many states throughout the U.S. and has provided tax credit services to studios in GA, LA, SC, FL, CA and Puerto Rico amongst others.

MPC is headquartered in Atlanta and has regional offices in Charlotte, Sarasota, St. Louis and Springfield, Missouri.  Additionally, MPC has tax credit directors located in Los Angeles, Chicago, New Orleans and Nashville. Its credit offers and investors now span the entire US.