Invest In Our Credits

Tax credits are governmental incentives aimed at fostering specific business developments by offering investors a dollar-for-dollar reduction in their tax liability. Any individual, business, corporation or insurance company is eligible to take advantage of these federal and state tax incentives. In addition to offsetting your tax liability, tax credit investment may also offer positive public relations opportunities, as tax credits are offered by the government to promote economic growth or community development in an area. They may also act to stimulate a particular industry or serve a particular social or environmental purpose.  

State and federal tax credit programs offer cash savings for investment in a variety of fields, including affordable housing development, film and entertainment production, renewable energy projects and historic building rehabilitation. Most credits are freely transferable and allow the generator of the credit to sell them to other taxpayers. Monarch Private Capital is ready to assist you in navigating these procedures.

At Monarch Private Capital, we hold an inventory of tax credits, and our team of tax experts coordinate with the buyer to ensure that your tax credit investment brings premium cash savings. As a trusted partner, we have extensive experience working with a variety of entities — corporate tax departments, wealth managers, tax and estate planning attorneys, individual taxpayers and more — to craft customized tax credit investment strategies that fulfill individual financial objectives.

With the help of Monarch Private Capital, the taxpayer has the opportunity to invest in tax credits to generate cash savings. Our sophisticated team of professionals will guide you and/or your business through the process of purchasing these credits. The parameters of each type of tax credit determine how the taxpayer will benefit, and we will walk you through your most advantageous options. Whether you’re looking to mitigate your federal income tax liability or your state tax liability, for the current year or years down the road, we pride ourselves in being the premier provider of tax credit investment advice.

Our strong relationships and repeat business with a variety of corporations, individuals and businesses is a testament to our efficiency in leading investors to minimal-risk tax credit opportunities. With customer satisfaction at the forefront of our philosophy, our team is eager to pass on these tax benefits to our clients and promote financial and community prosperity.