Our Team


Our experienced tax credit team represents the best in class within their respective fields, which include “Big Six” accounting, investment banking and underwriting, real estate development, tax incentives and economic development. Our long-standing presence, strong relationships and professional integrity generate repeat clients with both tax credit originators and buyers. Our experts tailor tax credit solutions to meet the specific needs of each client and maximize federal and state tax credit benefits.


George L. Strobel II

Co-CEO, Managing Director of Tax Credit Investments

[email protected]
Office: 404.596.8032
Mobile: 404.372.3383

Robin Delmer

Co-CEO, Managing Director of Acquisitions

[email protected]
Office: 404.596.8035
Mobile: 678.576.7905

Craig J. Hoffman

Chief Financial Officer

[email protected]
Office: 404.596.8349
Mobile: 646.552.1774

Lacie Clark

Managing Director of Energy Assets

[email protected]
Mobile: 417.234.1821

Brent Barringer

Managing Director of LIHTC

[email protected]
Mobile:  334.663.4523


Sam Altman

Senior Accountant

[email protected]
Office: 470.283.8425
Mobile: 404.717.3755

Matthew Bagwell

Director of Asset Management

[email protected]
Office: 470.283.8441
Mobile: 404.644.2830

Melanie Beckman

Director of Tax Credit Investments

[email protected]
Office: 314.329.0401
Mobile: 636.578.1698

Dana Bellevue

Film Finance Analyst

[email protected]
Office: 404.220.9138

Haylee Bridges

Associate Director of Tax

[email protected]
Office: 404.551.5607

Sean Cammann

Director of Asset Management

[email protected]
Office: 470.283.8434
Mobile: 914.844.3717

Tyler Canty

Senior Accountant

[email protected]
Office: 470.283.8419
Mobile: 803.235.8083

John Carson

Director of Public Policy & Business Development

[email protected]
Office: 678.304.6499
Mobile: 404.520.8826

Ian Chomat


[email protected]
Office: 404.596.8031
Mobile: 470.774.9226

Rick L. Chukas

Managing Director of Federal Historic Tax Credits

[email protected]
Office: 615.373.5155
Mobile: 615.948.1514

Marco Cordova

Director of West Coast Tax Credit Investments

[email protected]
Office: 213.863.0718
Mobile: 818.416.2714

Mei Crowe

Portfolio Manager

[email protected]
Office: 404.596.8041
Mobile: 770.402.6956

Kady DeWees

                Associate Director of Acquisitions                   Impact Initiatives

[email protected]
Mobile: 210.630.8669

Liz Dugger

Manager, Renewable Energy Project Finance

[email protected]
Office: 417.218.0469
Mobile: 417.848.4148

Crystal Evans

Treasury Supervisor

[email protected]
Office: 470.283.8430
Mobile: 478.491.1451

Amy P. Freeman


[email protected]
Office: 470.283.8428
Mobile: 770.710.1200

Austin Gastineau

Research Analyst

[email protected]
Office: 417.633.7148
Mobile: 417.543.6095

Jonathan Gross

Director of Business Development

[email protected]
Office: 704.754.9546
Mobile: 704.497.4923

Brent Hannah

Director of Acquisitions

[email protected]
Office: 314.329.0400
Mobile: 816.914.5367

John Hendricks

Financial Analyst

[email protected]
Office: 404.220.7682
Mobile: 404.408.6409

Billy Huger

Managing Director of Monarch Private Capital Advisors

[email protected]
Office: 470.283.8435
Mobile: 404.307.0075

Daniel Irizarry

Finance Director

[email protected]
Office: 407.283.8436
Mobile: 770.856.9115

Verica Jensen

Portfolio Analyst

[email protected]
Office: 404.596.8203
Mobile: 678.381.6441

Jeff Johns

Manager of Energy Operations

[email protected]
Mobile: 417.576.0159

Susan B. Jones

Operations Analyst

[email protected]
Office: 404.287.2946

Chuck Kaiser

Managing Director of Financial Investments

[email protected]
Mobile: 314.705.1321

Steve LeClere

Director of LIHTC Development

[email protected]
Office: 812.340.6897

Daniel Macbeth

Senior Fund Accountant

[email protected]
Office: 470.283.8426
Mobile: 404.596.8019

Anna Mason

Associate Director of Tax Credit Investments

[email protected]
Office: 704.412.2971
Mobile: 757.848.6121

Chrissie Merrill

Director of Film Finance

[email protected]
Office: 404.596.8025
Mobile: 404.702.1219

Faye Morgan

Office Manager

[email protected]
Office: 404.596.8021

Alice Nolen

Director of Sales and Special Projects

[email protected]
Office: 470.283.8432 
Mobile: 404.838.8995

Bethany Pettifurd

Underwriting Assistant

[email protected]
Office: 636.735.3937
Mobile: 949.610.5542

Jane Rafeedie

Director of  Marketing

[email protected]
Office: 470.283.8431
Mobile: 404.226.0170

Peter Rourk

Managing Director of Tax Credit Investments

[email protected]
Office: 919.913.4730
Mobile: 919.949.2059

Memory Schlosser

Executive Assistant

[email protected]
Office: 470.283.8422

Jay Sinsley

Director of Investor Relations & National Sales

[email protected]
Office: 470.283.8424
Mobile: 864.978.3900

Tanya Skillman

Manager of Due Diligence and Underwriting

[email protected]
Office: 417.351.2899
Mobile: 678.760.9406

Kari Smith

Project Analyst

[email protected]
Office: 417.268.9406

Christopher Snyder

Senior Financial Analyst

[email protected]
Office: 704.255.4093
Mobile: 704.451.1442

Anna Somora

Senior Accountant

[email protected]
Office: 470.283.8417

Eric Speichinger

Associate Director of Acquisitions

[email protected]
Office: 815.862.3530
Mobile: 847.772.5254

Sherry Uhrig

Director of Human Resources

[email protected]
Office: 470.283.8429
Mobile: 404.775.6777

Octavis Wright


[email protected]
Office: 470.283.8433
Mobile: 678.200.9739

Katie Wulf

Sales Support Coordinator

[email protected]
Office: 470.283.8437
Mobile: 678.640.1265

Ben Zachariah

Director of Tax Credit Investments

[email protected]
Office: 404.889.8774
Mobile: 404.668.8484